Risky Dental Habits to Ditch

Risky Dental Habits to Ditch

Snacking: Constantly eating throughout the day is not good for your teeth, especially if you are snacking on foods or drinks with high sugar contents. Frequently having food particles on the teeth puts you at a higher risk of cavities because the bacteria will eat these particles and produce an acid that attacks the tooth’s enamel. 

Try to eat balanced, low-sugar meals to keep yourself fuller for longer. It is okay to periodically have a sugary treat, but make sure to drink plenty of water afterward to wash away the excess food particles. 

Clenching and Grinding Teeth: Teeth grinding or clenching can cause the teeth to chip, crack, and wear down faster than normal. This tendency can also damage the jaw joints, potentially causing a TMJ disorder. Teeth grinding at night can be harder to identify, but if you are waking up with a sore jaw or are experiencing tension headaches, you may be grinding your teeth. 

Make an appointment with your dentists if you suspect you are grinding your teeth. If you tend to grind your teeth at night, a custom mouthguard can prevent damage. Daytime teeth clinchers can sometimes break the habit by just being aware and making an active effort to stop clenching when they notice they are doing it. 

You only get one set of permanent teeth, make sure you protect them. Ditching these risky habits will help keep your teeth in great shape and prevent expensive dental procedures in the future. 

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